Town Talk Anti Tarnish Protection Silver Storage Strips

Town Talk Anti Tarnish Protection Silver Storage Strips

Price: £3.99 / per pack

Use these anti-tarnish paper strips to protect your silver jewellery and silver findings from tarnishing, they will help protect metals by absorbing pollutants in the air which will slow down the tarnishing process. They are a perfect size to use in jewellery boxes, plus musical instrument cases and cutlery canteens. 

Simply place the strips (or trim a smaller piece off) in an enclosed space alongside your metal items. The more air-tight the area is the longer the strips will last and as a rough guide, replace with a new strip every 3 months or as required. They have a handy date section for you keep track of when they will need replacing. You can always trim them down to store with smaller pieces of jewellery in a smaller space or grip seal bag. If you would like to use anti tarnish to protect some other metals please see product code C194

  • Size: approx 4cm x 3cm
  • Sold as a pack of 36 (4cm x 3cm) perforated strips
  • Recyclable outer packaging
  • Made in the UK
Product code: C355

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