Golden Tiger's Eye Gemstone Donut, Approx 24mm

Golden Tiger's Eye Gemstone Donut, Approx 24mm

Price: £4.99 / each
Quantity discounts 1 (£4.99) 5+ (£4.49)

These beautiful natural golden tiger's eye gemstone donuts have a beautiful chatoyance and come in lovely honey and brown tones and the cat's eye effect is striking and unique in each stone. They are perfect for creating and designing quick and easy pieces of jewellery as they're so easy to use.

They look lovely hung on our hoop earrings and make pretty additions to charm bracelets.

  • Size: approx 24mm
  • Hole size: approx 4mm
  • Hardness of 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale
  • Natural - may have surface imperfections due to them being a natural stone
  • Sold individually
  • NB These donuts are not suitable to use in our donut bails
Product code: GB280

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