Polishing Mops, Wheels & Points

Polishing Mops, Wheels & Points

These polishing mops, wheels and points are great for quickly polishing jewellery if you don't have a bench polisher and even if you do they are really useful for getting into those hard to reach places.

Choose from:

  • Bristle wheel: particularly good for very uneven surfaces as the bristles will reach into little nooks and crannies
  • Felt wheel natural wool: this one is best for flatter surfaces as the felt is sturdier and holds its shape during polishing
  • Felt point, natural wool: a really useful shape for polishing in hard to reach places, inside rings etc.
  • Soft polishing mop, natural wool: this is a good all-round mop – longer lasting than the bristle wheel but with more flexibility than the felt ones
  • 2.3mm shank - so they fit into most hobby or pendant drills such as our Dremel Multi Tool (to fit this sized shank on our Dremel Multi Tool, a multi chuck is required)
  • Best used with our polishing compounds, rouge and tripoli. Don’t forget, if you are using both compounds (tripoli is for pre-polishing and rouge for final finishing) you will need separate points for each as even a small amount of tripoli can contaminate your rouge and prevent you from creating a mirror finish
Product code: C167

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