Midas Finish Seal Lacquer

Midas Finish Seal Lacquer

Midas finish seal lacquer is a water-based acrylic lacquer which forms a clear, hard, abrasion-resistant, protective finish to your jewellery and metal pieces.

It is perfect for preventing tarnishing on metals which are particularly susceptible to oxidisation during wear such as brass and copper as well as for protecting patinas which you have purposefully applied, such as liver of sulphur.

  • Transparent non-yellowing lacquer
  • Suitable for use on all metal surfaces, as well as on black oxide, antique finishes, oxidized finishes, and patina finishes.
  • Can be used to protect patinas, oxidised and antique finishes
  • Can be used to prevent tarnishing and oxidisation
  • Dries in around 10 minutes (additional coats can be added if necessary)
  • Can be diluted at a 1:1 ratio with distilled water if you require a thinner film
  • Available as 568ml (1 pint) bottle or as a 10ml size sample bottle

How to use:

To use the product, make sure your piece is clean (completely free of any dirt, grease or oil from handling) simply dip, paint or spray the lacquer onto the piece for long lasting protection. If required, you can dilute the lacquer at a 1:1 ratio with distilled water for a thinner film.

Product code: C290

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