Liver of Sulphur Patina Solution

Liver of Sulphur Patina Solution

Liver of sulphur (sometimes spelt 'liver of sulfur' or called 'potassium sulphide') is a fantastic and extremely popular product used to create an antiqued, black or iridescent coloured patina on metals.

Create stunning colours, ranging from black, purple, blue, copper to gold. Using a coloured or darkened effect on metals is a great way to make your surface textures and decorative elements stand out! You can also use liver of sulphur to darken sterling silver findings or chains to give a vintage look.

How To Use: Simply dilute a few drops with water and either dip the item in or apply with a brush. Use with cold water for more control creating colours or with hot water for a faster, darker patina.

  • Available as an approx 10ml handy dropper bottle or a 400ml bottle 
  • Comes with full instructions
  • Suitable on silver, copper, bronze, and metal clays
  • Non-toxic. Surprisingly, our solution is sold in Japan as a traditional bathing solution similar to the sulphurised hot springs that occur naturally. Liver of sulphur is a name that covers a poorly defined mixture of potassium sulfides also known as sulphurated potash. Some of the versions available elsewhere are quite toxic and irritating with a strong ammonia type smell. Our liquid creates the same wonderful patina from the bright colours through to a deep black but without the toxic effects of many solutions
  • Protect your patina by using renaissance wax or midas seal lacquer
Product code: C172

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