Tumbling Machine Kit For Polishing Stones

Tumbling Machine Kit For Polishing Stones

Price: £169.00 / each

This Tumbling Machine Kit For Polishing Stones has everything you need to start tumble polishing your own glass, pebbles, rocks, shells or gems to a matt or gloss finish.

Tumble polishers (also known as rock tumblers, lapidary tumblers and rotary tumblers) work by 'tumbling' the grit particles around in the spinning barrel which repeatedly fall onto the material being polished and the tiny scratches gradually polish the surface. The polish then brings your items to a glossy shine. Whether you are a keen rock collector, an avid beachcomber or you simply love the magic of lapidary this tumbler is for you!

  • Size: measures approximately: 210mm x 100mm x 150mm, barrel measures approximately: 150mmx100mm
  • Weighs less than 2kg
  • Manufactured in the UK by Beach Lapidary Ltd, a long-established, well-respected and trusted company with many years' experience in manufacturing tumbling and barreling machines

The full kit comprises:

  • An electric motor base (made in the UK)
  • One 3lb plastic barrel with 2 lids of which the colour may vary (please refer to the video for easily removing and attaching the lids): the larger sized barrel is ideal for polishing stones and glass as you can tumble a greater amount in one go
  • 450g of 80-grade silicon carbide and 450g of 400-grade silicon carbide abrasive grits
  • 200g of pumice powder (polish)
  • Detailed, easy to follow instructions 
  • A 1 year motor guarantee

Delivery Information: Delivery for this item will be by courier. As this is a heavy item please note Royal Mail Special Delivery is not available.

If you are looking to barrel polish metal we have a separate kit available for this here.

Product code: C310

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