Barrel For 3lb Metal Barrelling And Stone Tumbling Machines

Barrel For 3lb Metal Barrelling And Stone Tumbling Machines

These 3lb barrels are compatible with our metal barrelling and stone tumbling machines and are supplied with a lid at either end.

There are 2 options available: Either a stone tumbling barrel which is smooth inside or a metal barrelling barrel which has fins inside to help with the rotation of the shot media when in motion.

It's always a good idea to have accessories or spare parts to hand so if you are in the middle of that all-important jewellery piece and your equipment fails, you have the right spares at hand to continue without delay.

A separate barrel is recommended for using at the polishing stage with stone tumbling machine as it can be difficult to thoroughly remove all grit from the side of the barrel.

  • Barrel measures approximately: 15cm x 10cm
  • Includes lids for barrel
  • The opening in the barrel is approximately 10cm in diameter, large enough to fit bangles, barrels will hold approximately 10 mid-sized pendants

Product code: C331

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