Steel Doming Block

Steel Doming Block

Price: £35.99 / each

This high quality solid steel doming block is designed for use with our set of doming punches to create gentle curves, bowl shapes or deep half round domes in sheet metal.

These can then be used to make bead caps or fixed together to make round or lentil shaped hollow beads as well as adding a three-dimensional element to your jewellery designs. We love using this to give flat pieces of jewellery a slight curve as it adds elegance to the shape and gives a more professional finish.

How to use: Simply place your flat metal shape into one of the larger indentations on the block, place the largest punch against the metal and strike it to start doming. Continue to strike the piece all over using the same sizes, moving the work within the indentation and then use the same technique, working down through the sizes, until your desired curve is achieved. You will be amazed at the results you can achieve with a little practice.

Please note that the punches are not intended to fit snugly into the indentations on the doming block. The springy nature of the metal means that it needs to be slowly and carefully worked to create the dome shape so the curve is always determined by size and shape of the indentation rather than the size of the punch itself.

  • Block measures 5cm across
  • Made of solid steel cube
  • 18 highly polished indentations varying in size from 4mm up to 45mm 
Product code: C50

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