Ammolite Triplet Cabochons

Ammolite Triplet Cabochons

These Ammolite cabochons are beautiful. With movement in the light, flashes of vibrant red, ultra-violet blue and green dance across its surface.

Ammolite is an organic gemstone and is made from fossilised shells of ammonites which sank to the bottom of the subtropical sea and were then buried in sediment which preserved the shells.

This gemstone has been mined from the Lethbridge Ammonite Mining District in Southern Alberta, Canada.

  • Cabochon (flat top, flat back)
  • Various shapes available, sizes are approximate
  • Hardness of 3.5-4.5 on the Mohs scale
  • Natural gemstone - natural matrix rock base with a protective quartz top
  • Healing properties: positive, creative, confident
  • Sold individually
  • Country of origin - Canada
Product code: H228

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