Beginner's Precious Metal Clay Kit

Beginner's Precious Metal Clay Kit

This kit is ideal for anyone wishing to have a go at using Precious Metal Clay and contains everything you need to make your first PMC project. It makes a great present for a loved one or a super treat for yourself!

Once you have learned to use it, you are sure to love PMC so you can go on to experiment with using it in different forms such as syringesheet and paste.

We also sell some lovely seashellorchidrose and hummingbird moulds which you can use to mould your PMC as well as metal cutters for creating neat, consistent hearts, circles, flowers and teardrop shapes.

If you wish to experiment with your designs, then why not try Copper Clay which goes further for your money. Once fired, you are left with a solid piece of copper (more than 99.5% pure).

For when you want that special one off piece, why not try adding some beautiful, bright Accent Gold highlights? This great product easily adds 24K gold highlights to PMC and Art Clay and can also be used on fine silver, sterling silver and Argentium silver. It is a great way of adding value to your pieces.

To further your knowledge and inspiration we also sell some lovely books on PMC which are excellent for beginners as well as more advanced jewellery makers. 'Magical Metal Clay Jewellery' by Sue Heaser has lots of clearly illustrated, step by step projects which are sure to inspire you. If you want to develop your designs to the next level and set them with beautiful gems we recommend 'Setting Stones' in Metal Clay by Jeanette Landenwitch. This is a fantastic book, teaching you ingenious ways to make mounts for stones using different forms of metal clay, which gems to use and at what temperatures to fire them.This instructional and hugely inspiring book makes setting stones in metal clay seem very approachable and exciting.

When you decide it is time to take your hobby to the next level and invest in a kiln we sell the very popular 'Paragon SC2 kiln' which is one of the most highly recommended kilns for using with metal clays but also a brilliantly versatile all-round kiln. It is suitable for firing PMC, Art Clay, BronzClay, Copper Clay, Glassclay and dichroic glasses and is also great for enamelling, lost-wax casting, low-fire ceramics, glass fusing, glass-bead annealing and much more, giving you the potential to hugely expand your jewellery making repertoire!

You can either select all the products in the kit or particular products to suit your needs.

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