Freeform Australian Boulder Opal, Approx 23x14mm

Freeform Australian Boulder Opal, Approx 23x14mm

Price: £50.00  £40.00 / each

This amazing Australian free form boulder opal is stunning, and it's irregular shape makes it a great choice for a one-of-a-kind jewellery creation.

For more information on boulder opals visit our 'Boulder Opal' information page.

  • Cabochon
  • Size: approximately 23x14mm
  • Has a hardness of 5.5-6 on the Mohs scale
  • Natural genuine gemstone - no treatment - as these are natural stones they may have slight surface imperfections
  • Birthstone of October
  • Healing properties: calming, comforting and happiness
  • Sold individually, the opal pictured is the one you will receive on purchase
  • Country of origin: Australia
Product code: 8496

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