Tenacity Flux, 25g

Tenacity Flux, 25g

Price: £5.65 / each

This Tenacity Flux powder is suitable for soldering at medium temperatures (600 – 900ºc), making it ideal for use with medium and hard solder.

How to use:

The powder should be mixed to a smooth paste with water (a few drops of detergent may be added too) and applied to the clean and de-greased solder joint with a brush before assembly (our non-contaminating flux brush is ideal for this). Extra flux paste should then be applied to either side of the join to ensure a good flow and a solid join is achieved. Apply heat to the whole piece to ensure that the correct temperature is achieved and maintained until the solder melts and flows. The residues left behind with this flux are sometimes hard to remove with water so the join may need to be filed or mechanically cleaned after soldering.

  • 25g
  • Solder temperatures: 600 – 900ºc
Product code: C92

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