Safety Pickle

Safety Pickle

Price: £3.95 per 90g bag
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Safety pickle is an essential product for every jewellery workshop for removing the fire-stain caused by heat during soldering. 

When sterling silver is heated impurities can rise to the surface (especially on larger or flatter pieces) and cause a subtle dark shadow. Sometimes this is obvious straight away but sometimes the staining frustratingly surfaces during polishing.

How to use: It works quickest when it is warm so simply mix 1 teaspoonful with warm water in a covered glass or plastic container, immerse your pieces in the solution after soldering and leave them there for a few hours or overnight.

  • Available in approx 90g bags 
  • Full instructions included
  • This special dry acid concentrate is safe to store and easy to use
  • Always use plastic tweezers for inserting and removing items from a pickle bath - don't be tempted to use metal tweezers for this job (unless you have pure brass ones) as inserting steel in the pickle solution can create a chemical reaction which causes your silver or gold to be copper plated!
Product code: C165

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