Hand Vice

Hand Vice

Price: £18.99 / each

This hand vice, sometimes known as an engravers vice, is a great quality, versatile tool which is ideal for holding and supporting jewellery items during working.

  • The vice has a flat head with 8 pegs and 60 holes to accommodate them
  • The head itself measures 5cm across but it has a side screw which widens the head up to 6.5cm to accommodate larger pieces and for micro adjustments on clamping smaller items
  • The pegs can be positioned wherever you need them around your work to gently clamp it and prevent it from swivelling or moving while you sand, file, carve, engrave and set stones
  • It is particularly useful for irregular shaped or fiddly pieces and items which are tricky to hold with your hands.
  • Comfortable to hold wooden handle
  • Entire metal head is threaded so it can be quickly and easily detached from the handle and clamped in a bench vice if you prefer
  • The vice can also be used as a small wire jig for consistent bending of wire which can be very useful for making consistent earwires and links
Product code: C51

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