Argotect Flux, 15g

Argotect Flux, 15g

Price: £6.99 / each

This Argotect Flux comes in a 15g pack and can be used with all our types of solder and helps to prevent fire stain.

How to use: The powder should be mixed to a smooth paste with water (a few drops of detergent may be added too) and applied to the clean and de-greased solder joint with a flux brush before assembly. Extra flux paste should then be applied to either side of the join to ensure a good flow and a solid join is achieved. Apply heat to the whole piece to ensure that the correct temperature is achieved and maintained until the solder melts and flows.

  • 15g pack
  • Can be used with all types of solder
  • Helps to prevent fire stain which can appear during the polishing process, especially on larger or flatter surfaces.  Fire-stain can prove tricky to remove and often the only solution is to sand and re-polish the whole piece so using this flux can save lots of valuable time and materials when finishing
Product code: C94

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