Cubic Zirconia Cullinan Diamond Replica Collection

Cubic Zirconia Cullinan Diamond Replica Collection

Cubic zirconia is the finest diamond simulation you can buy - incredibly clear and sparkly, these large faceted stones are exceptionally beautiful and an ideal collector's piece for gemstone lovers or for anyone who would like to have a beautiful replica of part of the crown jewels.

The Cullinan Diamond is the largest diamond ever found, it was cut and polished into 9 large stones as well as 96 small brilliants all created from the original diamond. Although not to size, we have imitations of the large Cullinan diamonds which are set in some of the most dazzling pieces of jewellery in the royal collection.

These stones are limited edition, so once they’re gone, they’re gone - check what shapes remain in the drop down.

In addition to these collector's pieces, we also stock a large range of cubic zirconia faceted stones in a wide range of sizes more suitable to everyday jewellery.

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