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Natural Quartz Crystal Points - Large

Natural Quartz Crystal Points - Large

Price: £9.99 / each

These natural quartz crystal points are a perfect size for decorative purposes. Healing crystals are becoming increasingly popular, with people using gemstones to balance energies and become more attuned to their bodies and mind. Crystal quartz is believed to be the most powerful and versatile healing stone, amplifying energy and aligning the chakras.  

  • Standing quartz crystal point
  • Weight approx:
    Large - 25 to 29 gram
  • Hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale
  • Natural gemstone - with inclusions
  • Healing properties: emotional balance, friendship, and joy
  • Country of Origin: Brazil, China, Nepal, India
  • Sold individually - you will be selected one on purchase
Product code: SOT1872

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