G S Hypo Cement Glue

G S Hypo Cement Glue

Price: £8.55 / each

G S Hypo Cement is a clear, drying cement glue with a fine nozzle for precision application.

Designed for intricate work in jewellery making, it is perfect for use in bead stringing as the clever nozzle allows small amounts of glue to be applied in difficult to reach places such as on knots in between beads.

  • Becomes tacky in 10-15 seconds, sets in approximately 15 minutes and is completely dry in 24 hours
  • Suitable for silk, satin, cotton, leather and man-made threads as well as on plastics, metal, ceramic, stone and most synthetic materials
  • Sets and stays clear
  • Remains flexible once dry; won't become brittle and crack even on threads
Product code: C179

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