Sterling Silver Large 5x4mm Earring Back

Sterling Silver Large 5x4mm Earring Back

Price: £0.75 / each
Quantity discounts 1 (£0.75) 10+ (£0.70)

These sterling silver medium size earring backs (earring scrolls/butterfly backs) measure 5x4mm and are ideal for larger style ear studs.

These butterfly style scrolls simply push onto an earring post (up to 0.8mm diameter) to make sure your ear studs stay in place.

  • Size approximately 5x4mm
  • Suitable for up to an earring post of 0.8mm
  • Sold individually (not as pairs)
  • Stamped 925 (sterling silver)
  • These will fit all of our earring posts, including our earstud posts which are ready for you to attach to your own, large earstud creations (we also have a medium scroll available for smaller studs)
  • If they are too tight or too loose they can be adjusted by gently squeezing together or pulling apart the rounded scroll parts either side of the post until the desired amount of tension is achieved. Alternatively, insert the tip of round nose pliers into the loop and gently twist to adjust.
  • It is also handy to have a few of these stored in your jewellery box just in case you lose any
Product code: SF11A

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