How To Tighten & Loosen Earring Backs

It can be frustrating when you buy or make new earstuds and the earring backs/butterfly scrolls are too tight or too loose. Don't worry because this can be easily fixed!

Watch our quick video on this page to see how easy it is to adjust your scrolls with one simple movement - all you need are some round nose pliers to make a slight adjustment to your earring backs.

Earring backs will also loosen over time so this is a handy tip to know later down the line.

You will need

Round nose pliers - or your fingers!

How to tighten & loosen earring backs

Insert the tips of the round nose pliers into one of the loops of the earring backs/butterfly scrolls and gently twist (outwards to enlarge or inwards to tighten) to adjust the loop. Then repeat this on the other loop. Do this in small movements and keep referring back to your earring post until it 'clicks' suitably in place.

Alternatively, use your fingers to gently squeeze together or pull apart the rounded scroll parts either side of the post until the desired amount of tension is achieved.

Tip: Support the earring post while trying to attach the scroll to ensure you don't bend it by accident.

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