Hematite Faceted Round Beads - Approx 2mm

Hematite Faceted Round Beads - Approx 2mm

Price: £6.95  £5.56 / per strand

They hematite faceted round beads may be tiny but boy do they twinkle! These super sparkly faceted hematite beads are a must-have for your jewellery box. They're a great alternative to our 2mm sterling silver beads (our best-selling silver bead) which can be used in a multitude of designs from earrings to spacer beads on a necklace.

  • Fully drilled
  • Size: approximately 2mm
  • Hole size: approximately 0.3mm
  • Man-made
  • A 40cm strand contains approximately 190 beads
  • Sold as a strand 

Natural hematite is now very hard to come by and comes with a premium price so these beads are actually made from the man-made version of the stone (sometimes known as hematine or hemalyke). Virtually all (99%) of hematite currently on the market is actually this man-made version as stocks of the natural stone are so hard to come by – many suppliers will not disclose this or are possibly even unaware of it. This lovely gunmetal colour stone has exactly the same look and all the same properties as natural hematite at a fraction of the cost.

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