Flower Collection Metal Clay Mould

Flower Collection Metal Clay Mould

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This gorgeous flower collection mould has a selection of 10 dainty flower heads and is perfect for using with metal clays to create charms and pendants.

They have great texture for a realistic effect and we think you and all your friends will be amazed by the pieces you can create in such little time with this mould!

How to use: Simply press your metal clay into the mould, allow it to dry before carefully popping it out and firing.

  • The beautiful flower shapes measure from approximately 12mm to 25mm before firing (don’t forget that metal clay usually shrinks around 10% during firing) so they are the perfect size for earrings, charms and dainty pendants
  • The mould is made from silicon which has a 'silky' feel to it and means that your designs will not stick in the recesses and the flexibility of the material makes it super easy to remove your dry or semi-dried clay
Product code: C281

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