Beginner's Plated Wire Pack

Beginner's Plated Wire Pack

Price: £14.99 / per pack

If you can't decide what wire to buy, these beginner's plated wire packs are just what you need!

These packs are also helpful if you are unsure what you want to make but would like a selection of materials to play with.

Pack Contents:

  • D4 Silver plated wire - 0.8mm, approx 6m length
  • D5 Gold Plated wire - 0.8mm, approx 6m length
  • D6 Copper wire - 1mm, approx 4m length
  • D7 Brass wire - 1mm, approx 4m lengths
  • All metals are half hard and CE certificated nickel free
  • The silver plated and gold plated wires both have a copper core
Product code: P1

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