Borax Cone Safety Data Sheet

The following safety data information is provided by the manufacturer of this product. Please read thoroughly and do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information. The information provided in this Safety Data Sheet is correct to the best of our knowledge, information and belief at the date of its publication.

Name of manufacturer/supplier:
Graham Foulkes
23 The Heathlands
West Midlands

Emergency telephone number: +44 (0) 1902 896492

1. Identification of the substance/preparation
Product name:
Borax Jewellers Flux Cones
CAS-No: See section 3 Composition/information on ingredients
EC (EINECS) No: See section 3 Composition/information on ingredients
Synonyms, tradenames: Borax Jewellers Flux Cones, Jewellers Cones, Borax Cones
Application: Flux for soldering precious metals
Contact and emergency: Contact details above

2. Hazards identification
Classification (67/548): 
R22; R62; R63; R48/21
Classification 9EC 1272/2008: 

Physical Not classified
Health H303
Environmental Not classified

Hazard statements: H303 Harmful if swallowed
Precautionary statement: 
P281 Use of personal protective equipment is required
P305 +P351 +338 If, in the unlikely hood of ingress into eyes, rinse cautiously with water for several minutes.
P308+P313 If exposed or concerned obtain medical advice/attention
P264 Wash thoroughly after handling

3. Composition/information on ingredients

CAS No. 1303-96-4  
CAS No. 10043-35-3
EC (EINECS) No.  215-540-4
EC (EINECS) No. 233-139-2

The Borax Cone is a solid object and used in the correct manner to which it was designed should not present any hazard. The information given is mainly based on the majority of the components. Should the Borax Cone be damaged and be reduced to a powder, the details in section 2 should be adhered to.
It should also be noted that the cone in it’s form is unlikely in normal use to be reduced to a powder or present any hazard.

4. First aid measures
Not applicable
Ingestion: Not applicable
Skin contact: See Precautionary Statement. Note. It is recommended that after use, hands should be washed.
Eye contact: Not applicable

5. Fire fighting measures
Extinguishing media: The product is not flammable. Use of fire-extinguisher appropriate for surrounding materials.
Specific hazards: Oxides of Carbon
Protective: Self contained breathing apparatus & protective clothing must be worn in case of fire

6. Accidental release measure
Personal precautions:
See Section 8
Environmental precautions: In the unlikely event of cones being released from cases, contain to avoid release into watercourses. If released into watercourse, immediately notify the Environmental Agency or other appropriate regulatory body.

7. Handling and storage
Usage precautions:
Avoid over handling which my lead to dust formation
Storage precautions: Keep in original wrapping and or containers until required. KEEP DRY

8. Exposure controls/personal protection
Protective equipment:
As the borax cones are individually wrapped, it is no necessary to handle until use
Engineering measure: Not applicable
Respiratory equipment: No specific recommendation made
Hand protection: Use suitable gloves if extensive use is required
Eye protection: Not applicable
Hygiene measures: Wash hands after use and before eating, smoking and using the toilet. When using do not eat or smoke.

9. Physical and chemical properties
Solid cone wrapped in a paper cover
Colour: White
Odour: Odourless
Weight: 4oz approx

10. Stability and reactivity
Stable under normal temperature conditions and recommended use
Conditions to avoid: Avoid excessive heat for prolonged periods of time
Materials to avoid: Strong reducing agents. Alkali metals
Hazardous decomposition products: Oxides of Carbon

11. Toxicological information
Toxic does 1 - LD50: 
4500 – 5000 mg/kg (oral rat)
Inhalation: Not applicable
Ingestion: May cause internal injury
Skin contact: Continual exposure may irritate skin
Eye contact: Not applicable 
Specific effects: Contains a substance/group of substances with possible risk of harm to unborn child and with a possible risk of impaired fertility, however consuming the solid material and or parts thereof is unlikely.

12. Ecological information
The product components are not classified as environmentally hazardous, however, this does not exclude the possibility of large or frequent spills can have a harmful or damaging effect on the environment.
LC 50, 96 Hrs, Fish mg/l 74
Mobility: This product is soluble in water.

13. Disposal considerations
General information: 
Waste is classified as hazardous waste. Disposal to licensed waste site in accordance with the local Waste Disposal Authority.
Disposal methods: Disposal of waste and residues in accordance with Local Authority Requirements.

14. Transport information
This product is not covered by International regulation on the transport of dangerous goods (IMDG, IATA, ADR/RID)

15. Regulatory information
EU directives

Regulation (EC) No.1907/2006 of the European Parliament and the Council of 18 December 2006 concerning the
Registration, Evaluation Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH), establishing a European Chemicals Agency,
amending Directive 1999/45/EC and repealing Council Regulation (EEC) No 793/93 and Commision Regulation (EC) No.
1488/94 as well as Council Directive 76/769/EEC and Commission Directives 91/155/EEC, 93/67/EEC, 93/105 EC and
2000/21/EC including amendments.
Statutory instruments
The Chemicals (Hazard Information and Packaging for Supply ) Regulations 2009 (S.I 2009 No.716)
Approval code of practice
Classification and Labeling of Substances and Preparations Dangerous for Supply. Safety Data Sheets for Substances and Preparations.
Guidance notes
Workplace Exposure Limits EH40 CHIP for everyone HSG (108)

16. Other information
Issued by:
G Foulkes
Revision date: 11th March 2013

The information provided in this Safety Data Sheet is correct to the best of our knowledge, information and belief at the date of its publication.

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