Autumn Jewellery Making Lookbook

Join us deep in the Cornish woodland to make your own handmade jewellery using crystals, charms, gemstones and settings...

All the jewellery designs you see below have been handmade using Kernowcraft's jewellery making supplies! You'll find jewellery making kits and links to particular products and categories to help you recreate the looks and make them your own. Each design is beginner-friendly, with minimal tools needed to complete the looks - plus you can easily customise these designs with your favourite gemstones and supplies. Whether you want to make yourself a treat or get making ready to give as gifts for Christmas or birthdays, there's plenty to be inspired by!

Easy statement bangles

Explore our range of eye catching bangle settings which you can easily set with your favourite gemstone cabochons with the help of some glue!

Crystal point pendants for a quick gift

Here we have a simple and elegant crystal point pendant (also available in lots of gemstones!) complete with a bail hung on a ready-made silver plated trace chain. A perfect necklace for crystal lovers!

Chunky rings made in seconds

Our gallery wire ring settings are perfect for using with your favourite gemstone cabochons! Simply pop in your favourite cabochon stone in the appropriate size and use a bezel rocker (or spoon if you don't have any tools!) to push the claws around the stone to hold it in place. This ring is also adjustable, making it a thoughtful gift for someone special.

Easily combine your favourite gemstones

Niki wears our popular silver plated bangle, complete with black lip pearl cabochons! We love the beautiful iridescent colours in these stones, from stunning peacock colours through to warm greys and browns - perfect for autumn and winter. The beauty of this bangle is that it's so easy to set, you can use Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy Glue to glue on your favourite 18x13mm gemstone cabochons - or why not mix and match?!

Get creative with hoops

Hoop earrings look great plain, with added charms, wire wrapped beads or even donuts! We have a lovely range of gemstone donuts available but these leopardskin rhyolite donuts give us all those autumnal feels! For a simple design, we've hung them on our rose gold hoop earrings. We also think they look perfect with some black cubic zirconia snaptite earrings to add some contrast and sparkle to this earring set.

Hoops available in sterling silverrose gold filled

autumn jewellery making

Mix & match with charms

We adore the combination of metals, especially in the autumn months when you get a mix of warm gold and the icy silver. Our medium flat trace chain is perfect for attaching your favourite charms to using 5mm jump rings. In this choker necklace, we've gone for a contemporary feel inspired by nature - using geometric charms, a cherry blossom charm and a leaf charm.

What gemstone beads will you choose?

Choose your favourite gemstone beads to create lovely handmade jewellery designs - you can't get more autumnal than these faceted amazonite round beads! We've teamed them up with our 0.4mm turquoise silkon thread to create a simple bracelet design, complete with a sterling silver feather charm.

When creating necklaces and bracelets with gemstone beads, you can combine your favourites and also add metal beads in between others to act as spacers.

Make it simple with snaptites

Snaptite earrings are so simple but make such a lovely gift that can be made in seconds! Choose from a range of shapes and sizes in our sterling silver snaptite earstud settings along with your favourite faceted stones (make sure they're the same size as the setting!) - you could use birthstones to make it extra special. In this design, we've used our twinkly black cubic zirconia faceted stones.

These snaptite earstuds are also available in 10ct gold

Discover Charms

We have a beautiful range of sterling silver and gold vermeil jewellery charms to incorporate into your designs! Check out these nature inspired charms, perfect for adding to earring drops, creating a minimal necklace or adding to bracelets.

Easy Snaptites

Our snaptite settings are so easy to use and offer a classic style, perfect for everyday wear. The back of the setting is slightly smaller than the size of the stone which cleverly provides just enough tension on the claws so that they literally 'snap' around the stone when the correct pressure is applied.

Set Your Favourite Gems

Snaptite settings are used alongside your favourite faceted stones. Faceted stones come in a whole range of shapes and sizes, just choose the same size as your chosen setting.

Versatile Link Settings For Earrings, Bracelets & Necklaces

These earrings are made using our brilliant gallery wire link settings for cabochon stones - they have loops either side making them perfect for attaching charms or wire wrapped beads and earwires.

Alternatively, attach to a chain to create a bracelet or necklace!

Dare To Sparkle!

The beauty of jewellery chain is that it's available in a range of styles and colours, which means you can completely transform your design with your chosen chain. In this necklace design, we've used our sterling silver black oxidised diamond cut rope chain! It glitters and sparkles beautifully in the light. We've also added our sterling silver snaptite pendant setting, with an eye-catching African amethyst faceted stone. Simply place the faceted stone on a cushioned yet firm surface and gently push the setting over the stone to 'snap' into place - easy!

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