925 Ring Punch

925 Ring Punch

Price: £7.99 / each

This economy 925 swan neck ring punch is used for marking sterling silver items with the number '925' identifying the piece as sterling silver.

When struck this mild steel (not hardened) will leave a '925' depression in your item at a size of approximately 3x1mm. Ideally suited for marking the inside ring shanks and hoops but could be utilised for marking other sterling silver designs.

  • Size: approximately 80mm
  • Stamp size: approximately 3x1mm
  • Stamp depression: 925
  • Material: Mild steel - not hardened
  • Care instructions: a brass brush can be used to remove residue around the characters for a clean depression
  • Country of origin: India
  • Sold individually 
  • NB this stamp alone does not constitute being a hallmark, please see our information page on hallmarking for more information on this
Product code: C367

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