Design For Jewellery Makers - Louise Seijen ten Hoorm

Design For Jewellery Makers - Louise Seijen ten Hoorm

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This book is the perfect addition to expand your jewellery-making book collection. It is full of practical 'how-to' guides and resources for all areas of designing jewellery. This book is aimed at beginners and experts as it explores in depth every aspect of the jewellery design process. 

Key Features:

  • Inspirational advice and examples from 30 contemporary designers
  • 16 design techniques, including paper and wire modelling, mould-making and casting, accessible ways to sketch jewellery and how to produce professional-quality technical drawings
  • 5 technique-led projects where traditional jewellery techniques inspire the designs for band rings, brooches and necklaces
  • 8 process-led projects to explore fun and creative approaches to stone-setting, materials, surface decorations and more
  • 10 open projects - briefs and finished inspirational examples to try out and learn from
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