Deluxe Thing-A-Ma Jig

Deluxe Thing-A-Ma Jig

Price: £24.99 / each

This excellent quality wire jig by Beadsmith enables you to create your own elaborate shapes and loops from wire which can be used as components or links in earrings, necklaces, bracelets and much more.

How to use: Simply place the pegs into the slots in the metal board where required and then wrap your wire around them to get consistent shapes each time

  • The board and the 30 assorted sized pegs are made from metal (peg sizes vary from 3mm to 18mm), far stronger and more durable than other, cheaper plastic versions
  • Comes complete with clear plastic washers to hold the pegs in place
  • Comes with a set of instructions to get you started and some blank templates so you can create your own designs
  • Best suited for using with 0.6mm or 0.8mm wire
  • We would always recommend you have a few pairs of pliers for all wire working; our pack of pliers and side cutters should suit all your needs. We found that hammering your links flat gives a really professional finish so you may want to add a steel block and a repousse hammer to your wire working tool kit.
  • Packaging may vary, current stock is branded as 'Wig-A-Ma-Jig' but the product is the same
Product code: C187

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