Silicone Carbide Polishers Introductory Pack

Silicone Carbide Polishers Introductory Pack

Price: £19.99 / each

This special introductory pack of silicone carbide polishers is perfect if you would like to give this range of excellent products a try. They will save you so much time compared to finishing by hand!

We have compiled a pack of cylinder-shaped polishers as we think this is the most versatile shape to start with. Great for polishing large flat areas of metal as well the inside of rings, the top edges can be used for getting into hard-to-reach areas and they can be cut or ground into points or other useful shapes, depending on your project.

The coarser grades can even be used to quickly grind away excess metal or unwanted scratches which also saves masses of invaluable time.

The pack includes cylinder-shaped silicone polishers in the following grades:

  • 2 coarse / white - best for pre-polishing
  • 1 medium / black - best for smoothing and refining edges and surfaces
  • 1 fine / blue - for high sheen polishing
  • 1 extra fine / pink - for ultra-high sheen polishing
  • The pack also includes 4 mandrels for cylinders; the shank measures approx 2.38mm (with the addition of a multi chuck it will allow you to fit drill bits and accessories with shanks as small as 0.4mm into our Dremel Multitool).
  • Due to a change in the manufacturing process of the mandrels we now recommend using one mandrel per silicon polisher rather than interchanging them. Stock may vary from image shown.
Product code: C96

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