Glass Fibre Scratch Pen Brush

Glass Fibre Scratch Pen Brush

Price: £8.25 / each

This glass fibre scratch pen brush is perfect for cleaning and preparing metals and fired metal clay pieces before finishing or for cleaning grease and dirt from pieces prior to soldering.

It is also great for applying a matte or brushed finish to metals to give your jewellery creations extra interest. Simply turn the black end to expose a few millimetres of the fibres and use it carefully under water, wearing safety goggles and gloves to prevent irritation to the skin.

  • Plastic, pen-style case so the glass fibres can be neatly and safely stored away in between uses
  • Twist end to gradually expose or retract the glass fibre tip
  • Use to clean metal
  • Use to create a satin/matte finish
  • Comes with 1 glass fibre brush
  • Refill packs are also available here
Product code: C195

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