Snipe Nose Jewellers Pliers

Snipe Nose Jewellers Pliers

Price: £9.50 / each

These snipe nose jewellers pliers (sometimes called chain nose) are ideal for most jewellery needs and are essential for all types of jewellery making.

Snipe nose pliers are great general purpose pliers for bending metal sheet and wire and their tapered jaws narrow to a fine point, making them really useful for closing crimps in awkward to reach places. 

  • Size: approximately 13cm long
  • Made from polished stainless steel
  • Sturdy, box joint construction, double leaf springs for ease of use
  • Colour of handles may vary
  • Do you need a complete set of pliers? Click here to see our excellent value pack of pliers which includes snipe, flat, round and bent nose pliers as well as side cutters complete in a handy storage case
Product code: C315

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