Rouge Polish

Rouge Polish

Price: £7.50 / each

This bar of rouge polish is perfect for achieving a mirror finish on metals. This polishing compound consists of minuscule abrasive particles all held together with a binder so it is less messy than using rouge powder.

Rouge is designed for final polishing so any scratches will need to be removed first; use wet and dry sanding sheets or sanding sticks to remove any deep marks and then use tripoli to prepare your surface before finishing with rouge for a sparkling finish. Don’t forget, if you are using both compounds you will need separate mops for each as even a small amount of tripoli can contaminate your rouge and prevent you from creating a mirror finish. 

  • Weight: approx 130g
  • Final mirror finish
  • Best used on a polishing mop - we supply large swansdown mops for use on a bench polisher or small soft polishing mops for use on a hand drill
  • Can be used on tough fabrics, leather or even string (useful for polishing hard to reach places) if you are not afraid to use a bit of elbow grease!
  • Sold individually
Product code: C21

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