Jeweller Mitre Jig

Jeweller Mitre Jig

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This hardened steel jeweller mitre jig is a convenient time-saving tool to add to your workshop.

It aims to help you file perfect 45° edges or 90° angles, in sheet, wire and tube, making your edges accurate and joints seamless for stronger solder joints every time. 

Useful features:

  • Overall Size: approx 50x70x9mm (maximum metal width allowance 22mm)
  • Jaw opening size: approximately 12mm
  • Made from hardened steel
  • 2 x Allen keys
  • Use either the flat clamp edge or the v-grooves to file or cut accurate edges at 90° angles or to a bevelled 45° edge
  • Using the Allen key provided to clamp a ? gauge wire into the 2 lower holes to create straight accurately filed flush edges 
  • Use the mitre as a clamp by using the Allen key to secure 2 pegs which have been nailed to your workbench into the 2 lower holes, giving you both hands-free to complete your task

How to use:

  • Unscrew the grub nuts to open the mitre, slot in your working material to your required length and retighten the nuts
  • Use the v-grooves for holding wire or tube perpendicularly to the jig or for sheet (up to 22mm) place it against the tab for the same result
  • File the excess material away and re-open the mitre to remove your working material

Product code: C366

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