Imperfect Swansdown Polishing Mop for Bench Polisher

Imperfect Swansdown Polishing Mop for Bench Polisher

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This imperfect Swansdown polishing mop is unused but has some red rouge polish staining on the top and edges of the mop. This could be removed by "dressing" the mop as described below.

This good quality polishing mop is designed for use on a bench polisher, invaluable if you do a lot of jewellery making.

The size of this mop (and the speed at which it rotates on your bench polisher) makes it ideal for achieving a beautiful mirror finish on all your jewellery creations.

  • Size: mop measures 102 x 25mm
  • Made from layers of material sandwiched between leather washers which gently grip the spindle of a polisher when screwed on
  • The swansdown mop is made from very soft cotton (so no swans are harmed!) which is best suited for use with rouge for the final stage of polishing
  • Don't forget, if you are using both rouge and tripoli you will need separate polishing mops for each compound as even a small amount of tripoli can contaminate your rouge and prevent you from creating that all important mirror finish
  • New swansdown mops should be prepared or 'dressed' prior to their first use by putting a rough, steel object (such as an old file or similar) against it while spinning; this releases all the loose threads which could catch on items being polished. The loose fibres can then be burnt away by setting fire to them
Product code: C168A

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