Spare Wooden Bench Peg

Spare Wooden Bench Peg

Price: £6.55 / each

This spare wooden bench peg (also known as bench pin) is designed for use with our anvil and bench peg.

These are compatible with our anvil to provide a flat wooden surface for supporting pieces when sawing, drilling, cutting, filing, sanding, stone setting and much more.

It is often useful to cut a V or a U shape out of the wooden peg to support metal sheet when drilling or sawing with a jewellers piercing saw and you can also cut grooves and indentations to help support work or drill holes for working on pieces with earring posts.

  • Size: 44mm x 100mm
  • Compatible with our anvil and bench peg
  • Many jewellers find it useful to buy an extra one to keep clean and an unaltered one for different projects
Product code: C79B

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