Single Third Hand

Single Third Hand

Price: £15.95 / each
Quantity discounts 1 (£15.95) 2+ (£13.70)

Have you ever wished you had an extra pair of hands for that awkward soldering job? Well, this single third hand is the answer!

  • Reverse action tweezers measure approximately 16.5cm long
  • Weighted base measures 6.5cm across
  • Mounted on a weighted base with an adjustable arm so you can use it to grip your work, leaving both hands free for soldering and enabling you to join pieces accurately in the correct position (rather than positioning with an unsteady hand)
  • Multiple discount available - as we've found having two in the workshop particularly useful
  • Fully adjustable allowing you to change height and angle as necessary - great for propping up items such as rings on your soldering block
  • Allows you to lower the item you are soldering smoothly into place ensuring it solders centrally in exactly the right spot - particularly useful for soldering earring posts, bails onto pendants or bezel cups onto rings
  • If you've ever soldered a link on a chain only to find you've actually soldered a number of links together, with the third hand you can eliminate this problem by gripping the link to be soldered in the tweezers and leaving the rest of the chain hanging down, away from the solder joint
Product code: C291

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