Salt & Pepper Rose Cut Diamond Cabochons

Salt & Pepper Rose Cut Diamond Cabochons

These genuine natural rose cut salt and pepper diamond cabochons have an incredible sparkle! Salt and pepper diamonds are extremely popular as their individuality is distinguished by their natural flaws making each one unusual.

Coloured diamonds like this are a little different from a typical faceted diamond and whilst they don't have quite the same clarity you would expect from a colourless stone in a regular faceted cut, they really sparkle and twinkle as you would expect a diamond to due to the multiple rose cut faceted tops.

Grey, black and coloured diamonds are becoming increasingly fashionable and these are an ideal size and shape to be set in stacking rings and earrings or used as an accent to make any piece of jewellery something really special.

Available sizes and approximate carat weights

  • Approx 2.7mm to 2.9mm round approximately 0.1ct
  • Approx 3mm to 3.5mm round approximately 0.2ct
  • Approx 4mm round approximately 0.3ct
  • Approx 5mm round approximatley 0.6ct
  • Approx 4x2.5mm teardrop approximately 0.11ct
  • Natural - included 
  • Diamond is the hardest mineral on the earth and is 10 on the Mohs scale
  • These diamonds have flat bottoms and rose cut faceted tops
  • Conflict free and come from an ethical, trusted supplier
  • Country of origin: South Africa
  • Sold individually
Product code: 8076

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