Sterling Silver 3mm Crimp Covers (Pair)

Sterling Silver 3mm Crimp Covers (Pair)

Price: £1.85 / per pair
Quantity discounts 1 (£1.85) 10+ (£1.56)

These Sterling Silver crimp covers are an alternative way to finish your necklace or bracelet designs. They are designed to fit over an already closed crimp and when squeezed closed the cover will form a round "bead" over the crimp.

How to use: Secure your chosen crimps onto your necklace or bracelet wire or thread in the usual way. Then take the crimp cover and gently hold it in the jaws of either snipe nosed or flat nosed pliers. Carefully fit the cover over the crimp and gently squeeze the cover shut to form a round "bead" over your crimp.

  • Size: approx 3mm round when closed
  • Can be used with 1mm and 2mm crimps
  • Sold in pairs
Product code: SF238

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