Sterling Silver Necklet Ends (Pair)

Sterling Silver Necklet Ends (Pair)

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These sterling silver necklet ends are great for neatly finishing beaded necklaces and bracelets.

How to use: The two halves fold together to provide a clam-shell like cup to house and hide your knot; simply feed your beading thread or wire through the small hole in the bottom of the finding, tie the knot as close as you can and gently squeeze the necklet end closed around it. The hook at the top can then be bent around to provide a loop on which to attach your chosen clasp.

  • Size: length when closed approx 9mm, diameter of cup approx 3.78mm, the hole on the base of the cup will take an approximate 0.8mm wire or thread
  • Sold in pairs
  • Great for single strand necklaces but they can also be useful for multiple strand jewellery as there is room for a few knots to be held together for security and hidden away for tidiness
Product code: SF178

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