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Natural Baltic Amber Nugget Beads - Approx From 7mm

Natural Baltic Amber Nugget Beads - Approx From 7mm

These Baltic Amber cognac nugget beads are stunning. Baltic amber can age from 15 million to 44 million years old and the level of oxidization and sun exposure dictates its colour. The older the amber the more transparent it becomes. It can range from bright yellow to golden and then to dark rich brown and black depending on how old it is and its source location.

These beads would look amazing in jewellery designs using silver or gold findings or mix up your design and make them unique using some of our other gemstone beads - turquoise looks amazing with amber.

  • Fully drilled
  • Size: approximately 7mm to 12mm
  • Hole size: approximately 0.5mm
  • Hardness of 2.5 on the Mohs scale - care must be taken with Amber as it is a very soft stone
  • Natural gemstone - with natural inclusions and may contain plant debris
  • A 40cm strand contains approximately 50 beads
  • When you buy these beads by the strand you save between 23% compared with buying a pack of ten!
  • Country of Origin: Lithuania
  • Sold as a strand or as a pack of 10 beads
Product code: B548

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