Marine Blue Quartz Faceted Stones, Approx 18x13mm Oval

Marine Blue Quartz Faceted Stones, Approx 18x13mm Oval

Price: £59.95 / each

With movement, these marine blue quartz faceted stones emanate beautiful bold colours from bright royal blue to ultra-violet although it is predominately deep sea blue. These have impeccable clarity and remarkable cut facets which emphasise their stunning sparkles.

  • Natural quartz
  • Size available: 18x13mm oval
  • Treated: by a process called Vapour Deposition Coating to give it its beautiful deep ocean blue colours. Vapor Deposition Coating is a process that is coated on just the pavilion (pointed side) of the stone with natural elements in the US at a world-leading laboratory which creates a durable coating at a molecular level able to withstand everyday contacts such as water, friction and skin contact
  • Quartz has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale and although these gemstones are extremely durable, caution must be taken when polishing
  • We recommend that you polish your finished piece before setting so that you don't scratch the surface of these beautiful gems

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