Personal Shopping & Special Requests

A personal shopping experience awaits with Kernowcraft

What is a special request

We do try and pick the best and prettiest stones we can when picking for our customers but we do understand that sometimes it has to be that certain stone to fit your design or a matching pair for a pair of earrings. This is why we offer a personal shopping experience, where you can add special requests for the majority of our gemstones to your shopping basket. This gives you the option to add additional input for when we are picking your order. 

How to add a special request to your order

Whether you're after matching pairs, a particular colour, pattern or shape, just let us know in your shopping basket in the special requests box underneath the relevant product, type in your request and don't forget to click the 'Save Changes' button. Our small team will then personally spend time trying our very best to select the perfect gemstone for you.

If the special request box isn’t showing in the basket, this means that a special request isn't suitable for this particular gemstone - usually because it’s a one-off stone.

How to check we have received your special request

If you can't remember if you added a special request to your order, check your order confirmation email. Any notes that you saved on your order will show on here and our team will be able to see them when we are picking your order. They will also show on the paper receipt included with your delivery.

If we can't meet your wishes...

We won't always be able to meet your wishes exactly as this will depend on our current stock, so we will always do our best to choose the closest match to your requirements and if we can't come close to what you're after, we will be in touch to let you know. With matching pairs for example, this may be super tricky so we quite often like to treat the gems like sisters rather than twins - similar but unique in their own way!

If you have a very large order or one with detailed special requests, this requires a lot of time for our small team to work through so we hope you understand that these types of orders may take a little longer to dispatch - this also applies to Click & Collect orders.

Frequently asked questions

Are your gemstones natural?

The vast majority of the gemstones we supply are natural and inevitably colours, markings and cuts may vary from the images shown. We do however make every effort to supply stock of consistent quality and make every effort to picture products and colours as accurately as we can. Images on this website are not to scale, although sizes are given wherever possible and you'll find we often include hand shots so you can easily see sizes. Although we photograph some items set with stones as a visual aid, all mounts are supplied without stones unless stated.

What happens if I don't like the stones I receive?

We will always try our very best to meet your requirements if you add a special request however this isn't always possible. We may choose the closest match available but if you receive the stones and they aren't to your liking, you are welcome to follow our returns and exchanges service - terms and conditions apply.

Is there a size tolerance with calibrated stones?

Commercially cut stones will have a slight tolerance in size variation. For instance, some of our 5mm cabochon stones measure with rarely more than 0.2mm tolerance over or under 5mm (i.e. measuring 4.8mm - 5.2mm - this variance is not usually noticeable to the eye). This can vary and there will usually be plenty of stones that sit bang on the exact measurement, but they could vary up to 0.5mm (though usually much less than this) and this variance is influenced by the way they are cut, the supplier and where they are cut.

Read more about size tolerance with calibrated stones on our advice page.

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