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These genuine natural diamond nugget beads are diamonds like you may not have seen them before.

So versatile, they can be incorporated in numerous jewellery designs adding unmistakeable shine.

Available in whole or half strands and approximately 6cm lengths, these diamonds naturally vary in size which will determine how many you will receive but as a rough guide a whole strand contains approximately 270 graduated beads, a half strand contains approximately 135 graduated beads and a 6cm strand contains approximately 35 beads.


These Plain Edge Bezel Cups provide an easy way to set your cabochons with a neat and professional finish. Simply solder to your design and you`re ready to set your stone

Simply solder to your design and you`re ready to set your stone! Due to the manufacturing process, the bezel cups become work-hardened so will require annealing prior to setting. As they are designed for soldering onto your design this will most likely happen during the soldering process so will not require additional annealing. Simply bezel the cup over the stone using a bezel rocker and burnisher until your stone is held securely in place.


This kit contains all the tools needed to get you started setting stones!

Kit comprises of a ring clamp, set of 6 needle files for filing bezels and claws, one sheet each of fine, medium and coarse wet and dry paper for removing fine scratches, a bezel rocker and a pusher for pushing bezels and claws around stones, a curved burnisher for smoothing bezels, a stone holder and our stone setting advice leaflet to help you on your way.


Designed to keep for a year, read it, share it, add markers and use it as a reference.

Our products are all online but we know how much you love to have a proper copy to hold on to. Packed full of new products and ranges that we know inside and out. If you don’t yet have one, you can always request it online or view and download it here (or right click with your mouse to save it to your pc).



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