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Rose Quartz Smooth Teardrop Briolette Beads, Approx 6x5mm To 10x8mm, Pack of 10 Beads now £8.99
Rose Quartz Nugget Beads now £10.79
Rose Quartz Faceted Star Shape Beads, Approx 11x5.5mm from £3.19 to £3.55
Rose Quartz Round Beads from £2.25 to £10.65
Rose Quartz 10mm Round Large Hole Beads now £1.79
Rose Quartz Round Half Drilled Beads from £0.35 to £0.95
Rose Quartz Top Drilled Faceted Teardrop Gemstone Beads, Approx 22x7mm £9.70
Rose Quartz Faceted Heart Briolette Beads, Approx 7-9mm now £2.69
Rose Quartz Faceted Drop Briolette Beads, Approx 3x2.5mm, Pack of 10 Beads £11.95
Rose Quartz Micro Faceted Round Beads, Approx 2mm now £11.69
Peruvian Blue Opal Smooth Moon Shape Beads, Approx From 17x5.5mm To 19x6mm from £3.75 to £4.20
Rainbow Moonstone Flat Oval Nugget Beads from £0.48 to £12.80
Ruby Quartz Mirco Faceted Round Beads, Approx 3.5mm now £17.09
Pink Chalcedony Faceted Heart Briolette Beads, Approx 9-10mm from £2.70 to £2.99
Mother of Pearl Cube Beads, 4mm from £3.75 to £24.80
Amazonite Faceted Teardrop Briolette Beads, Approx 7x5mm, Pack of 10 Beads £9.99
White Moonstone Round Beads from £1.89 to £11.95
Rainbow Moonstone Nugget Rondelle Beads, Approx 4-4.5mm £19.99
Rainbow Moonstone Rondelle Beads, approx 5x2.5-6x3mm from £1.20 to £12.90
Rainbow Moonstone Chip Beads £9.99
Cultured Freshwater Rice Shaped White Pearls, Approx 3.5-4mm x 5-6mm now from £5.65 to £32.35
Amethyst Round Half Drilled Beads from £1.20 to £2.30
Ready To Wear Electroplated Gemstone Arrow Pendants from £5.35 to £5.95
Cultured Freshwater Rice Shaped Rustic Cream Pearls, Approx 4x3mm to 6x4mm now from £17.95 to £22.45