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Fossilised Coral Freeform Cabochon, Approx 26.x24.5mm

Fossilised Coral Freeform Cabochon, Approx 26.x24.5mm

Price: £17.99 / each

This beautiful fossilised coral (also called flower jasper) cabochon has a unique flower pattern naturally formed by mineral preservation. Fossilised coral occurs naturally when the fossilization process preserves the ancient corals in patterns and shapes of the original marine creature. The organic material of the coral has been submerged in water and covered by sediment and over thousands of years it has gradually been replaced by calcite or agate. This stone's unique pattern would lend itself well to one-off jewellery creations.

  • Cabochon (flat bottom, flat top)
  • Size: approx. 26.x24.5mm
  • Hardness of 6.5 - 7 on the Mohs scale
  • Natural gemstone
  • Healing properties: change, protection and understanding
  • May have surface imperfections and inclusions
  • Country of Origin: Morocco, China, USA, UK, Ireland, Germany, and Indonesia
  • Sold individually
  • The stone pictured is the one that you will receive on purchase
Product code: 8293

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