Imperfect Soldering Probe

Imperfect Soldering Probe

Price: £8.99  £8.09 / each

Although not as sturdy as our regular poker, product code C85, these imperfect soldering pokers are slightly shorter in length, and the metal poker itself is slightly more bendy, they are still usable for their intended purpose.

This soldering probe (sometimes known as a soldering pick or soldering poker) is ideal for manipulating solder and metals whilst heating. The tip is shaped to a sharp point so it can be used to guide or drag the molten solder along the join as well as being useful for holding items in place which can be blown out of alignment by your gas torch.

The tip is made from iron and the wooden grip provides an insulated, easy-to-hold handle.

  • Approximately 17cm long (poker 7cm)
  • Wooden insulated handle 
  • Product may vary from image shown.
Product code: C85A

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