Precious Metal Clay Moulded Shell Pendant Project

PMC Pendant

Before undertaking any projects using precious metal clay (PMC) we recommend that you are familiar with general instructions regarding using and firing PMC. We have a fantastic selection of books and an wonderful DVD by expert Tim McCreight which will show you everything you need to know to get started. In additon we have created a useful leaflet which covers all the basic information you need to know.

How to create

1. Follow instructions to make a rubber mould using C148 moulding compound.

2. When the mould is dry, ease your shape out of the mould and you should have a firm impression left in the mould.

3. Push in enough PMC3 clay to fill the mould impression to the top. You can texture the back of your shape by placing a texture plate over the mould & clay and press texture into the clay by gently rolling over it with rolling pin.

4. Gently ease the shape from the mould by flexing the rubber. Do not leave the clay in the mould to dry out.

5. Make a hole for the jump ring using the drinking straw and leave to dry overnight in a warm room.

6. When dry, file off any rough edges, then fire using a gas torch. For firing instructions please click here.

7. We finished our shell by just wire brushing and burnishing the high ribs. This is individual choice and each piece can be finished using a different technique.


What you will need

C148 80g pack moulding compound

C157 precious metal clay

SF2 7mm jump ring

A chain of your choice


Tools used

C163 sandpaper

C141 wire brush

C166 burnisher

C150 rolling pin

C147 texture plates

C5 needle files

Fine drinking straw or similar