Choose a Wheatsheaf ring stick for quality and accuracy

If you start making jewellery to sell then accurate ring sizing is essential to have in your workshop.

genuine Wheatsheaf ring sizing stick will give you the industry standard. With all the ring sizes from A to Z marked onto the metal in a grooved line, you can use the stick to measure a favourite ring you or your customer already has to find out the correct size.

The trademark genuine Wheatsheaf ring sizing stick was was developed and founded by Joseph Pepper in 1920 in order to maintain an accurate scale of measurement to the whole of the jewellery making trade. The jewellery making trade was undergoing rapid growth at this time and jewellers were experiencing difficulties, and delays due to the sizing of rings. The Wheatsheaf scale of measurement swept across the whole of the UK thus eliminating wasted time and materials in everyday production of rings.

The stick is made from aluminium so it is lightweight and hard wearing and has a comfortable wooden handle. Note, the Wheatsheaf stick is purely for making sure your ring is the perfect size, if you hit it with a hammer you will damage the markings and make it less accurate, so make sure to always use your ring triblet when shaping or texturing a ring. 

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