Valentines Inspired His and Hers Charm Bracelets

Valentines Inspired His and Hers Charm Bracelets

Super simple His and Hers Valentines gifts. These bracelets are a great way to create something personal for your loved ones this Valentines. They are very easily personalised with your choice of cords,  metal beads,  or charms. They can be created without any tools and minimal components plus it only takes a few minutes.

Unfortunately we no longer supply the rose bud charm featured in the photo, within the shopping list for this project we have chosen our love heart charm beads instead.

Step By Step Instructions

Firstly take your Leather Thonging and measure enough to go around the wrist twice with around 10cm excess.

Take your Sterling Silver Zig Zag bead and thread the leather through this twice.

Take each end of leather and tie a sliding knot on each (make sure you make the knot secure), a sliding knot will allow for adjustment to get on and off and keep it snug to the wrist when being worn.  (To watch a video on Youtube of how to make a sliding knot Click Here). To tidy up the ends cut off any excess leather with a pair of scissors.

To create the Cotton Cord Bracelet repeat the steps above with the purple cord and Sterling Silver Rose Bead. If purple is not your colour there are plenty of others to choose from in this range that will all look great with any of our Sterling Silver beads

Happy Valentines 


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