Silk Charm Bracelets

Silk Charm Bracelets

These tranquil charms and hand-dyed silk cords are a match made in heaven! This design is so easy to create and can be customised to your hearts content. 

In this Make The Look we have given the product options to make one bracelet with a turquoise cord and lotus flower charm, however you can of course make as many as you desire, with your favourite charms - Browse all of our charms here.

As hole sizes in charms can sometimes vary a little we'd suggest you might also include our smallest jump rings (SF1) so you can attach these to the charm and then the larger jump ring if the charm doesn't fit straight onto the larger ring.

This design is the third to feature in a series of step by step project in Mollie Makes Magazine, this one being in the October, 72nd issue. We hope that these easy-to-create yet on trend and beautiful designs are inspiring many into the world of jewellery making. 

Step By Step Instructions

Start by cutting the silk cord to your desired length - remember to take into account the crimp ends and bolt ring. In the image of our design you can see we have wrapped our silk cord multiple times, however, the amount of wraps is completely up to you. 

Next, thread one end of the silk cord into the crimp. 

Use snipe nose pliers to squeeze the crimp together around the middle. This will secure your cord in place – repeat on the other end. 

Next, use your snipe nose pliers to open the loop of the bolt ring and attach it to the loop of one of the crimp ends - this will depend on the side you prefer to have the clasp. 

Close the loop of the bolt ring once attached - for a step by step on how to open and close loops and jump rings effectively click here.

Using your pliers again, open a jump ring and attach the charm.

Close the jump ring around the cord.

Your bracelet is now finished! You can add as many charms as you wish.

Recommended Tools For This Project

Snipe Nose Pliers 

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